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"My dentist wanted $800 for a mouth guard!! I wish I could give this company 100 stars, because I would." - Amy M. (Tucson, US)

NightGuard - Bruxism Relief Mouthpiece

NightGuard - Bruxism Relief Mouthpiece

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Gently prevent teeth grinding during sleep.

Guaranteed perfect fit
Low profile comfortable design
Proven results: 92% said jaw pain significantly reduced¹
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How NightGuard works

NightGuard is a revolutionary solution designed to combat teeth grinding effortlessly.

Crafted from a durable, self-mouldable material, it empowers users to custom-fit the mouthpiece to the unique shape of their mouth and teeth.

Simply immerse NightGuard in boiling water for 15 seconds, then allow it to cool for 3 seconds before gently pressing it onto your teeth. As the material sets, NightGuard becomes perfectly contoured to your dental arch, providing unparalleled comfort and protection against bruxism throughout the night.

NightGuard discreetly ensures your teeth are safeguarded from grinding without causing any irritation or discomfort. With consistent use, you'll wake up refreshed and free from the discomfort of teeth grinding, enjoying improved dental health and quality sleep.

Will this fix my specific issue?

NightGuard is designed to effectively protect your teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism.

NightGuard is crafted to provide comfort and protection against teeth grinding, helping to alleviate associated symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, and tooth wear.

If you are in doubt we recommended to consult with a dental professional to determine if NightGuard is the right solution for your specific needs. They can assess your unique situation and provide personalised recommendations tailored to address your concerns.

What's included?

  • x4 NightGuard mouthpieces
  • x1 NightGuard anti-bacterial case
  • x1 Instructional Guide

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn't work for you, we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

We have an iron-clad risk-free 365 day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product. If you don't have a positive experience or if NightGuard doesn't work for you - we will give you a full refund.

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Shipping Information

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Stop Morning Jaw Pain and Headaches Now.

Waking up to horrible jaw pain and headaches can ruin an entire day. It's a sign that your night was anything but restful, due to involuntary teeth grinding or clenching, known as Bruxism.

This condition disrupts your sleep and has long-term negative effects on your health. Including worn-down teeth, anxiety and jaw pain disorders.

Bruxism causes Jaw Pain & Headaches

Naturally prevent teeth grinding tonight.

Since the pandemic, we studied over 752 patients with Bruxism. We took all that specific information and asked ourselves: "can we prevent Bruxism without expensive dental splints?"

And the answer is yes. There's clear evidence that Bruxism can be prevented with one affordable mouthpiece.

We found that in over 92% of cases² we could naturally prevent tooth-on-tooth grinding and stop jaw pain.

Bruxism can be Naturally Prevented

Gentle and natural fitting mouthpiece.

With its unique medical design, NightGuard makes tooth-on-tooth grinding physically impossible. It was developed with a Orthodontist who has over 23 years experience and it creates a physical barrier to prevent direct tooth-on-tooth contact, alleviating stress on the jaw and muscles and stopping tooth damage.

NightGuard creates a physical barrier that prevents teeth grinding

Three Easy Steps to Grind-Free Sleep.

NightGuard is made from soft medical grade polymer that moulds exactly to the shape of your teeth, providing personalised low profile protection. Simply put it in warm water and place it inside your mouth and bite down. Then place in cold water to set the mould. Finally place it inside your mouth before you go to sleep, and let it do the rest once you fall peacefully asleep. 

NightGuard moulds exactly to the shape of your mouth and teeth for a guaranteed perfect fit.

9,458+ Happy Customers

The reviews are in:


"Affordable and Best!"

"I’ve been a tooth grinder all my life, it wasn’t until I lost a molar due to it that I decided to finally get a mouth guard. Dentist options were around $600, then other custom moulds cost around $200. After spending a bit a money for my tooth removal and eventual surgery. I decided to try out this more affordable option. And this mouth guard really changed my life. It helps me keep my mouth closed and not grinding on top each other. I actually woke up smiling and feeling good the first few days because of the relief it gave me. Sleeping with a mouth guard seems silly but my sleep and teeth are more important and can cost a lot more money."

Jackie J. (Portland, US)
Verified Customer


"Lifelong solution"

"I was grinding my teeth and biting the inside of my mouth at night. My jaws hurt so bad in the morning. The dentist wanted $850 for a mouth guard. After the very first night of using this product I could tell a difference. I did waste the first one by cutting too much off prior to molding because they do shrink in the molding process. I have reheated and molded my 2nd one several times because due to my grinding teeth I give it a workout. Lol I have recommended this to a friend in the same situation as I and he too, ended up getting 4 boxes so he would not run out, ever. This product is a life saver."

Neave A. (Raleigh, US)
Verified Customer


"Top top top"

"This is a great choice if you are a teeth grinder - here’s why. If you are a teeth grinder like myself you are going to most likely damage them in the long run. I had a front tooth-chip refilled and I keep chipping the filling off in my sleep! It was awful, I went to the dentist 4 times to get it fixed until I realized I was doing it in my sleep. The dentist recommended a custom fit guard but it was over $500 dollars which I could not afford. Thankfully I found this which does not keep my teeth from shifting but it does help them from grinding at night which is good enough for me."

Jaime W. (Bradford, UK)
Verified Customer

Stop teeth grinding tonight.

With the help of a top orthodontist NightGuard took 13 months to develop. It's been proven to naturally prevent teeth grinding and eliminate:

Jaw Pain and Tenderness

Tooth Damage



Sleep Disruptions

Facial Pain and Fatigue

Increased Sensitivity

Gum Damage


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