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"Suffered with knee pain and bad mobility for years. I tried this device to help reduce inflammation. Eight days later my knees felt years younger." - Elizabeth G. (Washington DC, US)

EarthBand - Grounding Wristband

EarthBand - Grounding Wristband

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Naturally eliminate inflammation by neutralising your electrical charge.

Fast relief from inflammation
Harmonize your electrical energy to Earth
Proven results: 92% felt pain reduction in 8 days¹
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How Earthband works

EarthBand plugs directly into the grounding port of a power outlet.

The ground outlet is completely safe to plug into, because it has no live electricity. It just has a conductive wire behind it that runs directly into the earth, underneath the ground.

When your skin touches the EarthBand's conductive surface, your body is directly connected to the earth, providing the same electrical effects as touching the earth outside.

As soon as you touch the EarthBand surface with any part of your skin, all the “dirty electricity” that has crept into your body from your electronic devices (phone, computer, television, microwave, earphones, hair dryer, electric/hybrid car, etc.) will instantly be removed, escaping back into the earth, restoring your body’s natural electrical balance.

Humans are electrical beings. 100% of your body is electrical, so your body functions at its best when you are electrically balanced. This means grounding will provide you with countless health benefits. Some are instant, others build up over time.

This includes the relief of: anxiety, insomnia, joint and muscle pain/stiffness, asthma, snoring, muscle soreness from exercise, fatigue, diabetes symptoms, neuropathy, poor circulation, high blood pressure, indigestion, thyroid function, PMS, jet lag, digestion, skin quality, & much more. Many report vivid dreams while being grounded during sleep.

The ground outlet’s original purpose is to prevent your electronics from shocking you, overheating, and in more severe cases: catching fire & exploding. The ground outlet provides a safe path to the earth that removes the harmful electric charge, protecting your devices and allowing safe operation.

The same benefits apply to your body. Every single part of your body is electrically conductive. When you ground your body, you heal every part of it. From your brain to your toes, and every organ, tissue, and cell you have in between, so you will experience benefits everywhere.

50,000+ satisfied customers have described their experience as “amazing,” “unbelievable,” and “a miracle”, and we certainly felt the same excitement when we started EarthBand.

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too, which is why we’re offering a 365-day money-back guarantee. You can return the product and get a full refund, with no questions asked if you don’t see any benefits. However, we can almost guarantee you will, because 99.2% of our customers have changed their lives forever, because EarthBand lasts forever. (Yes! It comes with a lifetime guarantee!)

Will this fix my specific issue?

Earthband is proven to help against many conditions such as:

  • Chronic Pain / Inflammation

Grounding enhances blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles and organs. This boost in circulation directly impacts energy levels, muscle recovery, and pain relief.

  • Poor sleep / insomnia:

Grounding improves sleep by balancing the autonomic nervous system, lowering cortisol levels, and regulating heart rate, digestion, and sleep cycles. This promotes muscle relaxation and reduces stress, facilitating easier falling and staying asleep.

  • Fatigue:

Grounding may elevate energy levels and alleviate fatigue, possibly due to enhanced circulation and decreased inflammation. Community feedback suggests improved mental clarity and focus as immediate benefits.

  • Stress / Anxiety:

Grounding reduces stress and anxiety by balancing the autonomic nervous system, alleviating pain and inflammation, enhancing sleep and relaxation, and improving overall health. These combined effects contribute to decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

What's included?

  • x1 EarthBand wristband
  • x1 Earth Connection Cord

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn't work for you, we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

We have an iron-clad risk-free 365 day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product. If you don't have a positive experience or if EarthBand doesn't work for you - we will give you a full refund.

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Shipping Information

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Stop Inflammation Today.

Thanks to modern life, we accumulate harmful static charge from electrical devices including phones and laptops.

Grounding is the practice of connecting yourself to Earth to discharge this harmful static. With numerous peer reviewed studies demonstrating incredible health benefits.

One research study published in the Journal of Inflammation Research reported it "significantly reduced pain in people with chronic pain conditions.".²

Grounding lets us discharge harmful static.

Experience incredible relief for chronic pain.

Grounding is everywhere in our lives. The electrical appliances we rely on to live our lives would catch fire and explode if they weren’t grounded, due to a lack of electron balance. 

The beneficial effects of grounding have been extensively studied and proven by numerous scientific & medical researchers from Universities, Medical Institutes, and Athletic Performance Centres worldwide.

The first studies on the effects of Grounding began with Drs. Karol and Pawel Sokal in Poland and Clint Ober in the United States in the 1990s.

The research that has followed has produced fascinating evidence of a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body. Studies have found that the more we stay grounded, the more health benefits we experience.

The more we stay grounded, the more health benefits we experience.

Connect to Earth while inside your own home.

The innovative EarthBand connects your body to Earth while you are inside your home. So you can stay grounded for longer in warmth, comfort and privacy. Earthband connects to the Earth port of American electrical outlets to safely discharge static electricity back to Earth.

Connects safely to the Earth port of American electrical outlets.

Ground yourself and feel incredible now.

Earthband bridges the gap between your body and Earth and opens up a world of health benefits driven by nature's inherent healing power. Don't let inflammation control your life. Start healing today.

Scientifically backed Myofascial Release Therapy

8,569+ Happy Customers

The reviews are in:


"loved by earth mama"

"Not one to go barefoot in the dead of winter, I ordered this wristband for indoor use. I always knew I was a "earth mama" who loves walking barefoot in the sand and floating on my back sunbathing Vitamin D in the sea. So now I'm feeling like a reduce the "static fanatic" and actually can "feel" the difference in my body by grounding with Earthband. For over a month I wore the band around my ankle while I sleep and in the kitchen while cooking and it works for me."

Edith J., (Chicago, US)
Verified Customer


"Incredible for sleep"

"I was an insomniac before I got this. For years I couldn't, or could rarely get a full night's sleep. I slept like a log the first night I got this."

Christie K., (New York, US)
Verified Customer


"Awesome design"

"As a person in the HVAC industry with much knowledge of electricity. Upon opening the package, I was skeptical. A “rubber looking” wristband and a skeptical cord. I took out my test meter and tested the continuity of the cord. The cord does show resistance, so it IS conductive. Same with the wristband. So I set it up and tried it for about 20 minutes with band around my wrist. I definitely felt a sort of relaxed feeling. Going to keep using this product and see how it goes. So far, I’m into it. I want to see for myself."

Jimmie M, (Bath, UK)
Verified Customer

Healing multiple kinds of pain:

Through eliminating inflammation Grounding is able to help alleviate:

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Cardiovascular Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases



Got questions? We have answers!

Is there solid science behind Earthband's benefits?

Is Earthband worth its price?

How long does an Earthband last?

Can I comfortably wear Earthband all day and night?

Are there risks with using Earthband?

How does Earthband compare to other wellness products?

How to use it

Setting Up the Earthband

1. Choose Your Location: Select a comfortable spot where you can relax or work, ideally away from excessive moisture or static-generating materials like carpets.

2. Adjust for Comfort: The Earthband should fit snugly but comfortably on your wrist, ankle, or foot. It comes with an adjustable strap to accommodate different sizes. Make sure the conductive side of the band is in direct contact with your skin​.

3. Connect to Earth: Attach the cord that comes with your Earthband to the band itself. Then plug the other end into a grounded wall socket or a grounding rod system if you're outdoors. This connection is crucial for the Earthband to work effectively.

Using the Earthband

1. Wear It Regularly: For everyday users, incorporating the Earthband into your daily routine can maximize its benefits. You can wear it while working at a desk, relaxing at home, or even sleeping, as long as it's connected to a grounding point.

2. Maintenance: Keep the band clean by gently wiping it with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that might damage the conductive surface. Regular cleaning ensures optimal conductivity and longevity of the band​.

3. Monitor and Adjust: Listen to your body and adjust the use of the Earthband based on your comfort and the effects you notice. Some people may feel a tingling sensation initially, which is normal and typically decreases with regular use​.

4. Stay Hydrated: Grounding can increase detoxification processes in the body. Staying well-hydrated can support these processes and enhance the overall grounding experience.

5. Be Consistent: Consistent use of the Earthband is key. Try to integrate grounding into your daily routine to support your body's natural healing processes and reduce inflammation.

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