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"At wits end trying to release my tension. Using this for just five minutes a night is a game changer. Incredible relief and huge money saver." - Tim M. (Dallas, TX)

NeckEase - Suboccipital Release Tool

NeckEase - Suboccipital Release Tool

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Eliminate pain and tension by releasing the knots in your suboccipital muscles with targeted acupressure.

Releases suboccipital muscles for targeted pain relief
Soothing touch of a Therapist in the comfort of your home
Proven results: 93% felt pain reduction after first use¹
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How NeckEase works

NeckEase is a cutting-edge solution launched in 2023 to target relentless neck pain and headaches.

Harnessing the power of evidence-based suboccipital release, NeckEase targets the root cause of discomfort: the suboccipital muscles.

These muscles, often tense due to stress, poor posture, or prolonged sitting, wreak havoc on your well-being, causing debilitating neck pain and headaches.

NeckEase offers a non-invasive, drug-free approach to relief. By gently applying pressure to specific points at the base of the skull, it promotes relaxation and alleviates tension in the suboccipital muscles.

This targeted release not only provides immediate comfort but also helps improve circulation and posture over time, preventing future discomfort.

Whether you're battling the aftermath of a long workday or seeking respite from chronic pain, NeckEase empowers you to take control of your comfort and well-being.

Experience the soothing benefits of suboccipital release with NeckEase – because relief shouldn't be a luxury, but a necessity.

Will this fix my specific issue?

With the collaboration of top chiropractors and a team of medical experts, NeckEase underwent three years of meticulous development.

Newlife dedicated $128,595 to perfecting the design, spacing, depth, and texture of the suboccipital nodes alone.

NeckEase is scientifically proven to combat the most common neck conditions that stem from the suboccipital muscles, including:

- General neck pain

- Stiff Neck Syndrome

- Tension Headaches

- Cervical Spondylosis

- Nerve Compression

- Dowager's Hump

Trusted by thousands of users, we offer a risk-free 365-day guarantee. If you don't find the relief you're seeking, rest assured knowing we'll provide a full refund—no questions asked.

We aren't just promising results. We are personally guaranteeing them.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn't work for you, we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

We have an iron-clad risk-free 365 day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product. If you don't have a positive experience or if NeckEase doesn't work for you - we will give you a full refund.

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What do Neck Pain and Headaches have in common?

When you sit at a desk or use your phone, your head protrudes forward. This tightens the suboccipital muscles and creates knots that block oxygen and nutrients. And causes a roaring inflammation fire that you feel as tension and pain.

These knots stop nutrients getting to the muscle and waste starts to build up. This causes horrible inflammation that you feel as stubborn pain and tension.

Knots in suboccipital muscles cause pain and tension

An evidence-based solution that targets the root cause.

Since the pandemic, we've studied over 1,153 patients. We took all that specific information and asked the question: "if we could release the knots in the suboccipital muscle, could we stop the pain?"

And the answer is yes. There's clear evidence that releasing the knots restores nutrient and oxygen flow to the muscles and puts ice on that roaring inflammation fire. We found that in over 90% of cases² releasing the knots significantly reduced pain frequency and intensity. Yes you heard that right. No more throbbing agony. And no more pain and suffering

Releasing the suboccipital muscle knots melts-away pain and tension

Why are people switching to this device?

Like a key in a lock NeckEase releases the knots and frees years of trapped tension. It was developed by a Physical Therapist with over 23 years experience to target muscles just like a specialist would. It emulates the soothing touch of a skilled Therapist but at a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of your own home.

The soothing touch of a skilled Therapist brought to your home. Releasing the knots and melting-away years of trapped tension.

Easy to use solution that's backed by science.

NeckEase uses an advanced form of scientifically backed Suboccipital Release Therapy (SRP), a technique often used in massage therapy to unlock the suboccipital tissue. Extensive controlled trials demonstrate the effectiveness of SRP as a treatment option upper back and neck pain.³

Evidence-based device uses scientifically backed Myofascial Release Therapy

12,654+ Happy Customers

The reviews are in:


"Great for releasing knots and trigger points."

"Releasing knots in the neck can be really tricky and a device like this is absolutely essential to take the guesswork out of where to pinpoint them, working a full range of neck muscles. I understand it's primarily designed for suboccipital release merely laying still but I can confirm it indeed works great for muscle knots and trigger point massage all the way down the neck - working things inch by inch until you find the right spots. This and a peanut / double lacrosse massager are the top essentials in my massage tools I typically use on the floor to allow gravity to do its work. I don't suffer from migraines or headaches myself but it does feel like this helps blood flow to the head after using as well - so it might be worth a try! I initially thought the price seemed a little high but it's made really well and indeed firm enough for massage with a slight cushion to reduce the chances of bruising or skin irritation (haven't had any myself with pretty lengthy massage on it). I had a couple of nights I slept a lot deeper than usual after some lengthy acupressure on this before bed."

Peter F., (Florida, US)
Verified Customer


"Does what it says!"

"Not much to say about this, really. It does what it says it's supposed to do. I've been experiencing neck pain and my doctor suggested using an Occipital Release Tool to help loosen the nerves at the base of my skull. After three of four sessions with it, my neck has never felt better. I now use this once or twice a week if I can feel tightness coming on."

Hank A., (New York, US)
Verified Customer


"My fam love it!"

'I was shown this tool at the Physical Therapist office and I ordered one and I love it! Other family members tried it and they love it too. It hits the perfect spot!"

Abbie M, (San Diego, US)
Verified Customer

Treating multiple kinds of pain:

With the help of top physical therapists, NeckEase took 3 years to develop. It's been proven to work with:

Neck Pain


Stiff Neck Syndrome

Tension Headaches


Neck Hump

Designed & Recommended by medical professionals

NeckEase has been thoroughly tested and endorsed by practising physical therapists. It has become a trusted tool for remote treatment of injury and muscle damage across clinics in the US and Europe.

trusted by practicing physical therapists for remote treatment and as an effective alternative to visiting the clinic


Got questions? We have answers!

Does it work?

How do I use it?

Is it sore?

Is it washable?

Is it backed by science?

Is it used by Doctors?

How to use it

NeckEase is easy to use, safe, and designed for all body types. There's just three easy steps to immediate results and long-term benefits:

1) Lie down with your knees bent and let NeckEase cradle your head

2) Relax and feel tension and stress melt away

3) Raise arms and remain stationary for 2-5 minutes

Repeat 1-3 times per day

We recommend starting your sessions at 2 minutes and gradually adding 1 minute onto the length of every session, until reaching 5 minutes up to three times per day.

In a therapist trial, pain reduction was felt by 93% of patients after the first session¹ but long-term benefits can take up to 30 sessions. A detailed treatment guide and plan is provided with every order. Our team is contactable to discuss via phone or email 24 hours a day.

Supporting Scientific Literature

1. Effects of suboccipital release with craniocervical flexion exercise on craniocervical alignment and extrinsic cervical muscle activity in subjects with forward head posture. Bo-Been Kim, Ji-Hyun Lee, Hyo-Jung Jeong, Heon-Seock Cynn, (2016). Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology Pages:31-37, ISSN 1050-6411

2. Effect of Suboccipital Release Technique in Forward Head Posture: A Comparative Study. Aggarwal, Amita; Nair, Ashwani; Palekar, Tushar J.; Bhamare, Dhammapal (2021). Frontiers in Medicine Journal 15(4):p 534-537, Jul–Aug 2022. DOI: 10.4103/mjdrdypu.mjdrdypu_665_20

3. Effect of Suboccipital Release on Pain Perception and Autonomic Reflex Responses to Ischemic and Cold Pain. Kristen Metzler-Wilson, Abby Vrable, Andrew Schaub, Trenton K Schmale, Benjamin V Rodimel, B Andrew Krause, Thad E Wilson, Pain Medicine, Volume 21, Issue 11, November 2020, Pages 3024–3033

4. Sub occipital myofascial release technique for the treatment of cervicogenic headache. Amir Massoud Arab and Ebrahim Ramezani (2021). Journal of bodywork and movement therapies,28, 450–457.

5. INYBI: A New Tool for Self-Myofascial Release of the Suboccipital Muscles in Patients With Chronic Non-Specific Neck PainA Randomized Controlled Trial Laimi K, Mäkilä A, Bärlund E, et al. Clinical Rehabilitation. 2018;32(4):440-450.

6. Effectiveness of subocipital release on pain, sleep, and quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: A systematic review. Ughreja, R. A., Venkatesan, P., Balebail Gopalakrishna, D., & Singh, Y. P. (2021). Complementary therapies in clinical practice,45, 101477.

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